Student Organizations


IZTECH Sustainability Related Student Organizations Event Lists

Student communities that are related to sustainability are listed below.

Eco-Motion Community

Environment and Young TEMA Community

Permaculture and Ecological Life Community

Design Community

IZTECH Energy Community

Alternative Energy Community


IZTECH Innovation Community

Woman in Bussiness Community

Entrepreneurial Community

BioEngineering Student Community

BioTechnology and Industry Cooperation Community

Industrial Project Development and Cooperation Community

Turkish World Research Community

Anthropology Community

Cultural Archive Community

Community Volunteers Community

Science and Technology Community

Life Sciences Community

Folk Dance Community

World Dance Community

Music Community

Cinema Community

Theatre Community

Community of Thought

Atatürkist Thoughts Community

Animal Friends Community

Photography Community

Association For Supporting Contemporary Life

Nature Research Community

Conscious Youth Community

Women Rights Community

Gastronomy and International Cuisines Community

Food, Nutrition and Health Community

Health and Social Solidarity Community

Nature and Mountaineering Community

Underwater Research Community

Athletics Community

Cycling Community

Healthy Life and Crossfit Community