Policy Text

October 12th, 2021, Senate

Izmir Institute of Technology

Sustainable Campus Policy Text

İzmir Institute of Technology adopts economic, social, and ecological sustainability as a basic principle in terms of education, research, and benefit to society, and strives to ensure that all assets in the IZTECH campus exist in a sustainable environment.

Starting from its own ecosystem, IZTECH considers it a duty to contribute to the development of individuals who care about the sustainable future of our planet, are aware of the threat to society and the environment and prevent and solve problems with scientific methods by foreseeing them and raising awareness on this issue. Within this term of reference, it organizes social events to raise awareness, provides training and research opportunities to the campus stakeholders on the theme of sustainability, and regularly reviews and renews its education and research plans.

IZTECH adheres to the principles of sustainability in the use of resources. In this context, it monitors, and archives resource usage values, shares them regularly with campus stakeholders and the public, and takes the necessary measures for the continuous improvement of these values.

Redefining its campus as a sustainable, living and nature-friendly “education-research ecosystem”, IZTECH treats society with respect and sensitivity to the sustainability of natural and cultural assets. It adopts the principle that all components present in this ecosystem are equal.

IZTECH regards the development of corporate governance, corporate culture, and organizational capacity with a participatory structure and to the sustainable quality of life in the campus.

IZTECH makes it possible for all kinds of ideas that will enrich the innovation and entrepreneurship environment to find value and to participate in management processes at all levels.

IZTECH carries out studies for a sustainable future for the whole world geography by improving its institutional infrastructure and increasing cooperation on national and international scales, through its campus, its immediate surroundings, and the city of Izmir.