Selected Samples of Events:

Research Seminars / IZTECH Department of Architecture

Research Seminars III - Exploring Rural Production Areas: How to develop a socio- ecological approach to planning?

Research Seminars IV - Sustainable Green Campus: Model of IZTECH

Friday Seminars/ IZTECH Faculty of Architecture / Architecture, City and Regional Planning

Circular Business Models

In Search of Local Modernism: İstanbul Textile Traders Market (IMÇ)

RES 597 Research Seminars / IZTECH Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Research Seminars-II: Lime Mortar and Plaster Characteristics of Some Byzantine Period Buildings in Kadıkalesi (Anaia) and Ayasuluk Hill

Research Seminars-III: Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Bergama Bedesten

Research Seminars-III: Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Bergama Bedesten

Research Seminars-IV: Conservation of Silos as Rural and Industrial Heritage Places: Principlesfor the Turkish Grain Board Silo in Ankara Güvercinlik

Research Seminars-V: Conservation Proposals for Göbekli Tepe Enclosures

Research Seminars-VI: Preparation of a Historic Urban Area Against Possible Destruction, The Case of Uzunçarşı, Antakya

Research Seminars-VII: Identity Based Sustainable Conservation Strategies in Rural Heritage

Research Seminars-VIII: Water Heritage for Future: The Groundwater Route of Peninsula (İzmir, Turkey)

Research Seminars-IX: Deciphering and Forecasting Characteristics of Bodrum Houses Using Artificial Intelligance (AI) Approaches

Fundamentals of Sustainable Infrastructure & Circular Economy and Structural Engineering for a Sustainable World, Workshop Sponsored by EU Erasmus+Project/ 9-11 November 2022

Sapling Planting Event / IZTECH Rectorate / 11 November 2022

Seminar: Food Preservation Performance Criteria for the Food Cold Chain: An Essential Step to reach Zero Hunger in Turkey & the World / IZTECH Department of Food Engineering

Women of Peninsula Bring Life to the Mastic Tree / IZTECH & İzmir İl Tarım ve Orman Müdürlüğü

A Sustainable Future Workshop with Smart Agriculture Applications / 24-25 November 2022

GEDİZ International Gediz and Aegean River Basins Symposium/ 28-29 November 2022

Innovative and Sustainable Structural and Architectural Technologies in Construction Chemicals / IZTECH Department of Architecture

AKUT Earthquake Training / IZTECH Continuing Education Centre

CP 401 Çarşı Jury

1st Review

2nd Review

3rd Review