Ethical Documents

Izmir Institute of Technology

Sustainable Campus Principles Framework

-Izmir Institute of Technology adopts economic, social, and environmental sustainability as a fundamental principle from education, research, and social benefit perspectives, and works to provide a sustainable environment for all entities on IZTECH campus.

-IZTECH, from its own campus and the close neighborhood to the planet-scale, takes over the responsibility of supporting the development of the individuals, who care for a sustainable future, society, and who have the consciousness about the threats to the environment, and creating awareness about these issues. For this mission, it organizes social events, offers sustainability-based education and research opportunities, and reviews and upgrades education and research plans constantly, to create awareness.

-IZTECH is committed to sustainability principles about resource usage. In this context, it tracks resource usage, archives usage data, shares these data periodically with the campus stakeholders and society, and takes some measures to improve values.

-IZTECH redefines its campus as a sustainable, living, and environment-friendly education-research ecosystem. It approaches the sustainability of society and natural and cultural assets respectfully and sensitively. It also adopts the equality of every component in this ecosystem.

-IZTECH is decisive to develop institutional administration, institution culture, and organizational capacity with a participatory approach, and to consider the sustainable quality of life on campus.

-IZTECH enables any idea that may enrich the innovative and enterprising environment of the Institute and permits its contribution to the management processes at every level.

-IZTECH works with the vision of a sustainable future for its campus, the close neighborhood, and from the city of Izmir to the global scale, by developing its institutional infrastructure and increasing the participatory studies at national and international scales.