As a leading national research institute, IZTECH aims to integrate principles of sustainability into its pioneering research and education. In IZTECH, the total number of courses offered, including graduate and undergraduate degrees, are 4718. Among them, 1110 courses are related to sustainability. These courses are offered in Faculties of Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Architecture. Even majority of the courses in Departments of Environmental Engineering, Material Science and Engineering , Energy Systems of Engineering, City and Regional Planning, Architecture and Molecular Biology and Genetics covers a variety of aspects in sustainability and satisfies sustainability development goals with their curriculum and educational program targets.  In recent years, there have been efforts to offer sustainability related courses common to whole students in IZTECH. For example, the course of “Global Sustainable Development” offered by the department of Chemical Engineering for the last three years is open to all students. It covers the topics/issues about sustainable production and development. The aim of the course is to present negative effects of production processes on the environment and society and to inform about what should be done to reduce this. The course of “Socio-cultural studies in Architecture” involves i.e. topics of gender and space, politics of difference and globalization; so it aims to enhance the competence of students in the areas of ecology and sustainability. It serves for focusing target of SDG of “1-no poverty”, “5-gender equality”, and “11-sustainable cities and communities”.  The courses mostly in Department of Bioengineering aims to train students and give them the necessary knowledge to produce high value technologies, products and information using innovative bioengineering approaches to solve problems in national and international priority areas such as health and pharmaceutical industry, and environmental and energy industry. They basically target SDGs of “3-good health and well being”, “9-industry, innovation and infrastructure”. The course of “Economy and Design of Engineering” in Chemical Engineering The course aims to provide students with an understanding of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development, and knowledge of professional life, including project management, risk management, and change management. The course of “Introduction of Bioenergy” in Energy Systems Engineering follows sustainability reated topics, such as, Biomass energy and types of biomass; heat and power generation from biomass; methods and technologies for biofuels production in solid, liquid and gaseous forms; utilization of organic municipal waste using biomass conversion technologies.






The Distribution of Sustainability-Related Courses by Semester in 2002-2023 Academic Year








Ratio of Sustainability-Related Courses to Total Number of Courses in 2022-20023 Academic Year

List of 2022-23 Fall Semester Sustainability Related Courses