IZTECH Sustainable Green Campus Coordinatorship

-To develop economic, social, environmental, and technological sustainability processes; investigate and apply new approaches in our Institute.

-To provide a sustainable environment for the entities living in the ecosystem of the Institute, which adopts economic, social and, ecological sustainability as a fundamental principle for education, research, and social benefit-based activity areas.

-To support the development of the individuals who care about the sustainable future of our planet, starting from the campus level and have awareness about the threats to society and the environment.

-To provide both scientific and experience-based sustainability-oriented education and research opportunities for the campus stakeholders.

-To organize social events and define the research agenda to raise awareness in the Institute.

-To track resource usage and to maintain studies for developing resource use consciousness.

-To make an inventory study of the natural spaces, ecologic and cultural assets around the Institute, which names its’ campus as a sustainable, living, environment-friendly “education and research laboratory” and to conduct studies to be respectful and sensitive to the sustainability of these assets.

-To conduct studies to develop institutional management, culture, and organizational capacity of the Institute in a participatory way and to connect the campus through its neighborhood and the city of İzmir to the whole earth for a sustainable future.

-To enable any idea that may enrich the innovative and enterprising environment of the Institute and permit its contribution to the management processes at every level.

-To increase cooperation both at international and social levels by developing institutional infrastructure in the related fields.

-To generate future strategies of the coordinate by reviewing studies in the related fields.

-To create some sustainable green campus centered contents by written, visual, and audio tools of institutional accounts.

-To create content for the Sustainable Green Campus website and social media accounts.

-To advise on the topics related to the sustainability policies of the Institute and communication strategies.