IZTECH Instagram Photo Competition For College Students

As the committee established within the IYTE Sustainable Green Campus Coordinatorship, we organize a series of online activities with the slogan of “happy campus, happy peninsula, happy city” in order to reach a sustainable future.
The main purpose of these activities is; In these days, when the pandemic experience points to a new and ambiguous future, it is to evaluate the prominent issues and related themes in the axis of sustainability, as well as to exchange ideas on the conceptual framework of our work, to learn from each other and to produce together for the future.
We invite students from all universities to the IYTE Instagram Photography Contest among University Students with the theme “Sustainability of Life During Pandemic Days”, which is a part of this series of events.
You can access the details of the event and the terms of the competition on the official Instagram account of İYTE at @iyteedutr, on the İYTE Sustainable Green Campus Instagram account @surdurulbilir_iyte and the İYTE official website http://iyte.edu.tr.
Thank you in advance for your support in the process of realizing Sustainable Green Campus together
Sustainable Green Campus Committee